Mountain Brook Build Days

In December of 2017 we bought 45 acres in the Catskill mountains, adjacent to the Plattekill State Forest in Delaware County, NY. It is a beautiful spot and when all this work for pay stuff is over you’ll find me there. To this point, we’ve done a lot of camping and hiking, but except for a little trail improvement we’ve left the place as we found it.

This coming summer, we hope to raise a small structure there. Perhaps 12 x 20 enclosed, so we can haul less stuff and keep our trail gear and camping gear on the spot. There are no utilities, but I have a generator and a pretty big inverter installed in my truck. I’ll have more to say about the plan later.

I’m installing this countdown to help me look forward to a time when folks might gather in person, swing a hammer, and swig a bottle. We’re heading into a rough winter, for certain. This little countdown clock will give me a small thing to look forward to when as days are short, and when the wind blows cold, and the times feel bleak. Brighter days are ahead.

Mountain Brook Build

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