My name is Tim Clarke, and I live in a small suburb of Philadelphia (population: ~3,250) in Montgomery County. I work at Muhlenberg College where, among other things, I support a Domain of One’s Own initiative.  Thank you for visiting!

I have a MLS from the University of Maryland, College Park, and a MS in Instructional Technology from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. I found my professional footing at the Digital Pedagogy Lab 2016 Institute.

I’m a mediocre ‘grow dammit’ gardener, so advice about growing plants and advice about growing patience will always be welcomed.

I can be reached for work-related stuff via email at timothyclarke [AT] muhlenberg [DOT] edu. For non-work stuff, via email at tim [AT] theclarkes [DOT] name, and my Twitter handle is @floatingtim.

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